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I introduce myself

Simonetta Sinigaglia shares her passion and knowledge of Norway through a fascinating journey. With over 20 years of experience in the country, she has bonded deeply with its beauty and culture. She has explored every corner of Norway as a resident and traveler, drawn to the majestic mountains and spectacular fjords. Her passion for tourism led her to take up cruising adventures, thus enriching her knowledge and experiencing Norway from unique perspectives.

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A little bit of Norway

Stay up-to-date on all the latest news regarding Norway. Learn about events, cultural trends, economic news and technological innovations in the Scandinavian country. With insights and analysis, you’ll stay informed about politics, the environment, tourism and more. Follow Norwayescape to stay connected and find out what is happening in this fascinating Nordic country.

Travel with me

Best guides on Norway

Explore detailed itineraries, hidden tips and practical information to experience an unforgettable Norwegian adventure.

From the majestic natural beauty of fjords and mountains to fascinating cities and cultural traditions, you will be guided to authentic experiences. Discover tips on accommodations, transportation, restaurants, and must-do activities for a tailor-made trip, embracing the true essence of Norway.

Get ready for an enchanting adventure through this comprehensive guide to the heart of the Scandinavian country.

  • Enchanting places

    Explore enchanting places where the majesty of nature meets the magic of Norwegian culture. Discover spectacular fjords framed by snow-capped mountains, coastal towns with their colorful houses, and fascinating Viking legends that permeate the atmosphere.

  • Coming to live in Norway

    Planning to move to Norway? Find out everything you need to know before you take that big step. Explore the job opportunities, high-quality healthcare system, and breathtaking landscape. Learn how to cope with the Nordic climate and immerse yourself in the country’s welcoming and inclusive culture. Find helpful tips on visas, housing, and adjusting to Norwegian life. Get ready for a unique experience in a fascinating and innovative country!

  • Traditions and culture

    Explore the fascinating traditions and rich culture of Norway. Discover the ancient Viking legends, colorful traditional costumes, and folkloric celebrations that fill the Norwegian calendar. Immerse yourself in folk festivals such as “Midtsommer” and “Jul,” and discover the craftsmanship of Norwegian masters.